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    Justin Roethlingshoefer

    Cracking the Performance Code


For over ten years, Justin Roethlingshoefer was a Performance Director in the National Ice Hockey League, and has since built two businesses focusing on entrepreneur and executive performance using DNA, epigenetics, bio markers, and individualised data to provide individual solutions to energy and long-term performance. 


He is a three-time best-selling author and coach to over 500 small businesses and executive teams. He specialises in enhancing conscious leaders through sleep and energy transformation. He is the founder of the company Own It.


Show Notes:


01:55 How Justin ended up being the youngest performance coach in the National Ice Hockey League

  • He worked with Mark Fitzgerald, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Anaheim Ducks
  • “What it takes to succeed in life is obsession”
  • Justin reflects on his time in the National Hockey League as his ultimate failure, given that it was success without fulfilment


03:48 Justin’s academic studies in Sports Performance, Human Biology and Functional Medicine

  • His studies lacked independent thinking
  • “School teaches you what to think – it doesn’t teach you how to think”
  • Justin likes to continually question things


07:26 The biggest influence Justin’s father had on Justin’s career

  • At aged 12, Justin played hockey and it was his dream to become a professional hockey player 
  • After playing poorly in a tournament, Justin’s dad said: “talent will get you noticed, but consistency will get you paid”
  • It takes a deep level of intellectual ability to adapt to different situations, different environments and different people


10:14 The 8 Controllables Framework

  • We tend to focus more on the things that we can’t control
  • There are two things that happen in the body: stress and stress adaptation
  • There is a four-quadrant model that helps map out the four different types of stress we all experience – when you are in the ‘ownership’ quadrant, you are invigorated, confident and consistent


19:49 On incremental improvements

  • Have a simple process and be consistent with the process to regulate the outcomes
  • It’s important to ask better questions to develop better systems


24:56 The interaction between a coach and an athlete

  • Dan Pfaff: “Good teachers make themselves relevant”
  • Everybody needs to have their own unique roadmap and their own unique experiences


28:42 How do you create good teams?

  • “The more you can empower your team, the better everybody else is going to perform”
  • Harness the skill of self-leadership


30:57 Tracking Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

  • It is a measure of the variation in time between each heartbeat
  • A high or low variability of those beats in between tell us whether we are more parasympathetic – more relaxed – or more sympathetic – more stressed
  • Measuring your HRV helps you to identify when you need to recover
  • HRV indicates how your body is adapting to a stress or strain that you’re placing on it mentally, physically, spiritually, or emotionally


35:05 Inner and outer energy

  • There is a clear connection between mind and body, i.e. inner and outer energies
  • Outer and inner energies cannot exist independently


36:58 Understanding behaviour at a cellular level through cellular dysfunction tests

  • When looking at DNA, Justin looks at everything that you’re predisposed to, e.g. food sensitivities, certain genetic diseases, different aging processes, different body adaptations to aerobic and anaerobic exercise, etc.
  • By understanding this, you can be more conscious of certain things that your body may tend to lean towards, or that you can adapt to a little bit easier
  • Sleep is the number one thing that can help get us into a regeneration state


41:17 How an ordinary person can improve their performance if they don’t have access to data from the cellular dysfunction test

  • Start tracking in whatever way you can, then put a guided plan or framework in place


43:25 Is everything achievable with the right mindset and the right practices? 

  • It starts with being able to understand what your talent and purpose is
  • Be consistent and have a growth mindset


45:40 Recognising when healthy patterns turn unhealthy

  • Justin has spoken openly in the past about his struggle with anorexia after nutrition and exercise became an unhealthy obsession
  • Don’t allow the ego to get in the way of receiving feedback
  • Learn to listen and communicate
  • “It’s okay to not be okay”


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