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Season 2 Highlights


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    Season 2 Highlights

    Highlights of Season 2 The 1% Podcast

That’s a wrap! Season 2 of the One Percent Podcast is now in all podcast stores.


We pulled together a recap episode for you this week, featuring short clips from some of the great moments in the podcast’s second season. We were fortunate to have incredible leaders from across industries, disciplines, and fields share their stories and perspectives this season – and we wanted to share them with you as we wrap up Season 2 and look ahead to the third season.


Here are some of the guests and clips from Season 2 featured in this wrap-up episode:

  • Helen McEntee (Minister of State for European Affairs Helen McEntee) on being a woman in politics – and being both Irish and European.
  • Dr Roger McMorrow (Mount Everest summiter and Clinical Director & Consultant Anaesthetist at the NMH) on the beauty and dangers of climbing Mount Everest and a poetic insight on his experience of summiting the roof of the world.
  • Paul Gleeson (performance coach, part time adventurer) on rowing across the Atlantic Ocean and the change in perspective he gained from this experience – and controlling your environment to achieve better mental health.
  • Neville Maxwell (former professional and international rower Director of Rowing Ireland) gave us an insight of what it takes to be a professional rower and training and competing for the Olympics.
  • Brian Mullins (Dublin football legend and Director of Sport in UCD) on the intense and honest training set up of the Dublin team in the 60’s and 70’s.
  • Sophie Spence (former titan of Irish women’s rugby) on the team mentality when Ireland defeated the All-Blacks.


We’re hard at work planning Season 3 which will kick off in mid-September and as always we would love your feedback and perspective.